A Hardworking Gift for the Hardest-working Dad

Dad will be hard at work all summer, whether it’s tending the yard, home, work, office, etc. It’s his responsibility, but it can be yours to make sure he stays safe.


With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Summertime means one major thing to dads—yard work and housework. Who else is going to make home, home sweet home? Dad will be hard at work all summer, whether it’s tending the yard, home, work, office, etc. It’s his responsibility, but it can be yours to make sure he stays safe.

Keep Dad Safe This Father’s Day

Seems like a simple enough task, but how do you make sure dad is safe? You get him a rubber wedding band for Father’s Day. How does a rubber wedding band have the power of safety?

Here Are 3 Ways This Father’s Day Gift Can Keep Dad Safe:

1. Built to Break

Rubber wedding bands are built to break before your finger does. If dad’s traditional metal wedding ring were to get caught while getting the lawn mower ready, there’s a chance dad’s finger would suffer the consequences. Ever heard of degloving or ring avulsion? With a rubber wedding band, dad’s finger will stay put because the ring itself will break, leaving his finger to break free.

2. Heat Resistant

The sun is scorching and dad is outside in the heat—how do you help? A rubber wedding band is one way to help cool dad down while being outdoors during the hot summer months. Rubber wedding bands are heat resistant, making them incapable of attracting heat. So let’s leave dad’s ring finger heat-free this summer.

3. Hypo-allergenic

It’s allergy season and one thing dad does not want to worry about is having another allergic reaction but, this time, on his finger. When dad is always hard at work, it’s important to make sure his hands are easily accessible and that he’s comfortable throughout his day-to-day. Did you know many people experience irritation from their traditional metal wedding rings, like ring rash? Rubber wedding bands do not cause irritation or allergic reactions, which makes dad feel comfortable all day.

Safety Comes First

When it comes to dad, his safety should always come first. Keeping dad safe is not always a simple task, but SafeRingz can help make dad a little safer. How will you keep dad safe for Father’s Day?

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