What Is a Rubber Wedding Band?

Rubber wedding bands are becoming a popular alternative for those of us who want to stay safe while believing in hard work, which requires a ring to work just as hard as you do. Learn more about what a rubber wedding band is.


What’s A Rubbing Wedding Band And Why Wear One?

First question: Why do we wear wedding rings at all? Some may like the flashiness of the jewelry they’ve been given, but most of us just want to honor our commitments -- simple as that.

The circle of a wedding band symbolizes eternity or infinity, and it is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is said that the vein in this finger leads directly to your heart. Unfortunately, as important as it is to honor this commitment, it isn’t always realistic to wear a traditional wedding band.

Are Wedding Rings Safe?

Wedding rings are typically made out of some sort of metal, and many professions don’t allow or recommend wearing jewelry because it can jeopardize your safety. Ever heard of degloving? It is an injury and type of avulsion where an extensive section of the skin is entirely torn off the underlying tissue, which cuts off blood supply. The name derives from the actual process of removing a glove.

This is when a rubber wedding band comes into play. A wedding ring made out of silicone allows your finger to not only breathe, but it also keeps you safe. Always.

Rubber Wedding Band for Work

Rubber wedding bands, specifically SafeRingz products, are built to break. Going back to degloving, a rubber wedding band avoids this from happening entirely. If your ring were to get caught in something, your finger would break free without a scratch.

These rings are also non-conductive, thus safe for electricians and linemen. They are made of biocompatible, hypoallergenic silicone and are heat-resistant, which means that they won’t cause irritations or allergic reactions.

Your safety is most important, and rubber wedding bands like SafeRingz are inexpensive so if you were to misplace or break one, you can easily replace them at anytime or purchase them in bulk.

You Should Consider Wearing A Rubber Wedding Band If You...

  • work hard with your hands or work closely with others (electricians, linemen, mechanics, firefighters, policemen, etc.)
  • are in the military and proudly serve our country
  • lift and workout (athletes, triathletes, crossfitters, etc.)
  • have or work with infants and children (mothers, fathers, nannies, nurses, etc.)
  • experience swelling in your fingers (pregnant women, diabetics, people who live in hot areas, etc.)
  • experience irritation from jewelry
  • want to experience life while being safe and honoring your commitments

To find the best rubber wedding band for you and your lifestyle, shop SafeRingz.

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