What Is Ring Avulsion and How to Prevent It

Ring avulsion, also known as finger avulsion and degloving, is not as common as most injuries. However, it is extremely important to prevent it from ever happening to you or a loved one. Learn more about the injury and how you can keep your fingers safe.


What Exactly Is Ring Avulsion And How Do You Prevent It From Happening To You?

According to HandLab.com, “this injury occurs when someone catches a ring on moving machinery or on a projection while descending unexpectedly or rapidly (jumping). Not only does the ring pull the skin off circumferentially but it also usually strips away the nerves, tendons, and bone as well. Replantation is often not possible because of the extensive soft tissue damage, requiring a more proximal amputation.”

One story we know all too well is about The Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon. Fallon experienced a freak accident in his home one day by tripping on a braided rug. He was a victim of ring avulsion, and almost lost his finger because of his wedding ring.

So, how do you avoid experiencing what almost happened to Jimmy?

This Is How You Prevent A Ring Avulsion:

In order to fully prevent ring avulsion (or finger avulsion) from ever happening to you, you should remove your ring before an accident is to occur. But how do you know when an accident is about to happen? Isn’t it called an “accident” because you don’t know it’s going to happen?

Some people would recommend not wearing a ring at all, but that’s not a possibility for everyone. Most of us wear wedding rings to symbolize our commitment and love for our spouse, and we want to continue honoring that commitment at work, outside of work and in daily life.

Fortunately, you can also prevent a ring avulsion by wearing a rubber wedding band, like SafeRingz. Because rubber wedding bands are made entirely of non-conductive, hypo-allergenic, heat resistant and biocompatible silicone, they keep you safe.

Your Ring Should Be Built To Break.

SafeRingz rubber wedding bands are also built to break, which is most important when it comes to avoiding ring avulsion altogether. Your finger stays safe—your ring, not so much. This is why we make our silicone rings affordable, so you can replace a broken ring or purchase them in bulk.

Ring avulsion is more common when you work with your hands. Be sure to check out our list of people who should wear rubber wedding bands.


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