Meet Brian from Opus Woodworking

Every SafeRingz has a story to tell.

Meet Opus Woodworking Owner Brian Scono--and SafeRingz wearer since 2015. When your job is turning mundane slabs of wood into beautiful, modern and function furniture, you realize that your fingers are important to the job. With all the tools and machinery he uses on the job, it almost seems impossible to stay safe while working. 

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How does Brian stay safe on the job?

Here are a few reminder tips on how to stay safe at the shop.

  • Know Your StuffDo not use tools or machinery that you have no prior knowledge on. Learn, know, and then do.

  • Take precautionary steps: If there are extra steps that need to be taken in order to be 100% safe, then take those steps before completing a task.

  • Wear protective gear: This may come as no surprise, but it’s important to protect yourself from danger.

  • Wear SafeRingz: Don’t risk your hands and fingers by wearing a traditional wedding ring when you can wear an alternative rubber wedding band to stay safe at all times while on the job.

Brian's ring of choice? Our black wedding rings. Not only does SafeRingz keep you safe, but it also comes in different colors to match you and your lifestyle and look. The black wedding rings are one of the more popular choices because of its simplicity and versatility.

Do you have a SafeRingz story to tell?

Drop us a line about how your SafeRingz ring keeps you safe and you might be selected to be featured in a video or photo shoot.  

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