When to Remove Your Silicone Wedding Band

Are you always thinking about when you need to take off your wedding ring? What about your silicone wedding band? There are reasons, like safety, that you should consider—and we break it down for you.


When Should You Remove Your Wedding Ring?

There are many occasions when you need to remove your traditional metal wedding ring. Whether it's to protect you from injuring your finger or to protect your nice expensive ring, you may find yourself constantly worrying about taking it off and putting it back on.

Our friend Caitlin at Cait and Co. Blog wrote about when she takes off her wedding ring—and it had us thinking, "When should you remove your silicone wedding band?"

Should You Take Off Your Silicone Wedding Band When...

1. Preparing Raw Meat

If you keep your wedding ring on while cooking, you could run into getting meat into the grooves of your ring. This is a huge reason why Caitlin at Cait and Co. Blog takes off her wedding ring. But with a silicone wedding band, you can go ahead and keep it on. No grooves to worry about here.

2. Working Out

This is one of the most important times when you should remove your wedding ring. Exercise machinery can scratch your ring and you could be at risk of ring avulsion. But guess what? You can keep your silicone wedding band on. It's safe to work out with SafeRingz.

3. Swimming

People are terrified to lose their rings in a massive body of water, and it makes sense. But when you wear a silicone wedding band, you never have to worry about taking your ring off. Losing an inexpensive ring is much more reasonable, isn't it?
Two wedding bands on the grey floor surrounded by headphones, lifting gloves, a chain, athletic shoes, and weights.

Do You Ever Need To Remove Your SafeRingz?

The answer is no. Your silicone wedding band is safe to wear all the time, and you'll find that life is much simpler when you stop worrying about when to remove your ring.

Check out Caitlin's blog and learn more about When to Remove Your Wedding Ring. She made the best decision by purchasing SafeRingz for her husband so he no longer has to worry about his safety and can always show his commitment.

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