Firefighter Wedding Rings That Keep You Safe

Firefighters should wear rings that are tailored to their lifestyle. Rubber wedding bands, like SafeRingz, allow smokejumpers to always show their commitment while being safe on the job.


Why Should You Switch To Firefighter Wedding Rings?

Whether you’re a firefighter or married to one, you know how important the job is—and how important it is to be safe on the job. Silicone wedding rings or rubber wedding bands (they’re the same) allow men and women to do their job while preventing injuries to their finger.

SafeRingz, our silicone wedding rings, are perfect for the switch. Firefighters should wear a ring tailored to their lifestyle, and SafeRingz allows that. Plus, you want to be able to always honor your commitments, and now you can!

How Do Firefighter Wedding Rings Keep You Safe?

Wearing a traditional wedding ring that is made of metal or tungsten is dangerous. You’re at risk for degloving, ring avulsion, electrocution, burns, and more. And when you’re a smokejumper, you can’t afford to be at risk of any of these things.

When you wear SafeRingz, you’re getting a ring that is...

    • Built to Break: A rubber wedding band that is built to break means there is no chance in breaking, damaging or losing your finger.
    • Non-Conductive: Metal rings are very low in resistance, and they can carry huge currents, even at low voltages. With a non-conductive ring, you’re avoiding these issues and protecting your finger.
    • Hypo-Allergenic: Many people experience irritation from their rings, but with a rubber wedding band, they don’t cause irritations or allergic reactions.
    • Heat Resistant: This is especially important for firefighters. Metal rings are hazardous becuse they attract heat, whereas rubber wedding bands are not affected the same way.
    • Biocompatible: SafeRingz are made to be worn comfortably and safely by you every day. It doesn’t irritate the skin and will never leave a scratch.

Choosing The Perfect Firefighter Wedding Rings.

Rubber wedding bands eradicate the worries firefighters may have on a day-to-day basic. SafeRingz can be worn comfortably, and there’s no constant fear of protecting your ring and finger when you're wearing a ring that you can rely on, ALWAYS. Find your perfect fighter wedding rings and learn your ring size with our customized ring size chart.

Tell us in the comments what you love most about being a firefighter, and how SafeRingz can help make sure you’re safe doing what you love.

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