The Family Behind SafeRingz

SafeRingz™ is a small, family owned business founded by three siblings and their spouses. One is the sole inventor of the silicone wedding ring in 1996. Our family consists of firefighters, triathletes, outdoor enthusiasts, a nurse, teacher, landscaper, granite slab warehouse manager, farrier, roper, and a barrel racer. We are all very active, hard working, and committed to our spouses. We love God. We love our family. We proudly support our troops and our country. We believe in our product that was specially designed for active people, or those working with their hands, who want to wear a safe wedding band to show their commitment in all that they do.

Our rubber wedding bands are bio-compatible, made of hypoallergenic silicone. They are non conductive and safe for electricians and linemen. They are heat resistant and great for firefighters and welders. They break apart or stretch, enabling your finger to slip out if they get caught on something. SafeRingz eliminate all possibilities of losing fingers or being de-gloved. SafeRingz are also great for diabetics and those with swelling fingers due to pregnancy or injuries. They are flexible and so comfortable, you cannot even tell it’s on your finger. 

We all wear SafeRingz and love them and believe you will love yours too!



YESJ has a bit of a dual meaning for us.  When we first started this venture back around 2005, the company was named Younique Elastometric Silicone Jewelry.  That is obviously a mouthful and difficult to relate to what we were trying to convey with our product's purpose.  In 2010 we changed it to SafeRingz in order to better represent what the product is about.  However,  keep the YESJ on the inside of the ring because to us it had also become a representation of our team saying "YES Jesus."  Our company's founders are all followers of Christ and in addition to being committed to our spouses, we are also committed to our faith. We feel that the two go hand in hand.

– The SafeRingz team