Gunmetal Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

Buy a rubber wedding band that works as hard as you do.

Stackable Gunmetal Metallic Silicone Wedding Band

$14.99 // 3MM

We use our own recipe of colorants without any metallic/conductive ingredients to create this safe and unique silicone wedding ring.  The Gunmetal color represents a classy dark metallic look that is unique in the industry.  We proudly make all our rings here in the US from domestically sourced bio compatible medical grade silicone.  SafeRingz are a non conductive, heat resistant, durable, and safe wedding ring that is designed to break when stretched, keeping your fingers safe no matter your occupation or hobby.


Buy the ring that works as hard as you do.

Customer Reviews

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Elaine Sorenson

This was one of the only sites that had matching men's and women's rings. My husband and I have found these to be comfortable and a great alternative to wearing our "expensive" rings while working in the garden, on engines, woodworking, . . . . They were a great purchase.

Great for active use

The ring is comfortable and fits well. It looks nice too. So far, it’s held the color well (black); we surf, bike ride, and everything with these on. My favorite thing has to be that it stays put on my finger in the water.

I never want to take it off!

Love this ring! It is so comfortable. The white has a nice pearlescent shine. It has a good bit of stretch making it easy to get on and off. I bought it to wear at times when I don’t want to wear my nice wedding rings. Now that I have it I wear it most days. I like not having to think about taking it off for showers or bed. So convenient and practical!