Blue Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

Buy a rubber wedding band that works as hard as you do.

The Original Blue Metallic Silicone Wedding Band

$24.99 // 6MM

We use a unique recipe made from our blue metallic-looking colorants and manufactured here in the USA to create a consistent, authentic metallic looking silicone wedding ring. Whether at work, on duty or on an adventure, a SafeRingz original blue metallic silicone wedding band is designed to stretch and eventually break to keep you and your finger safe.


Buy the ring that works as hard as you do.

Customer Reviews

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Nice looking, comfortable fit

The matte gold finish looks more luxe than other silicon rings. Very comfortable when working out. I really liked that I could have it inscribed with my anniversary date.

Beautiful silicone ring

I originally bought another company's silicone ring for my husband that wore out. He is a heavy duty mechanic. I looked up this company to see the ring should hold up. I also liked it looks metallic, we could choose a color, and put a personal message. I'm very happy with his new ring.

Dan Teeters
Great for Skilled trades

I am a skilled trades machine repairer. For years I would come in to work and remove my tritium wedding band place it in my locker. There were many days when leaving I would forget to put it back on. With the Gunmetal Metallic Silicone wedding ring I never remove it and I can be assured that I am not going to have my finger damaged by catching the ring on something. I also have the piece of mind that any electrical energy source will not electrocute me, if I accidentally make contact with it.