Blue Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

Buy a rubber wedding band that works as hard as you do.

The Original Blue Metallic Silicone Wedding Band

$19.99 // 6MM

We use a unique recipe made from our blue metallic-looking colorants and manufactured here in the USA to create a consistent, authentic metallic looking silicone wedding ring. Whether at work, on duty or on an adventure, a SafeRingz silicone wedding band is designed to stretch and eventually break to keep you and your finger safe.


Buy the ring that works as hard as you do.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6602 reviews
john a klein
satisfied customer twice

Just as nice as the one I ordered (and "destroyed") some years ago! Again a happy, daily use, customer.

Tammy Sullivan
He likes it!

My husband lost his "real" ring a long time ago, and the last "rubber" ring he got slid off too. He works on cars a lot, and often has oily parts to deal with. He has had no issues with this one and is happy with it! Because it's not too expensive, we can get him another, if and when this one should come off or rip.

Joy M
Really nice color

We are both happy with the rings, feel, color, love it!