Platinum Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

Buy a rubber wedding band that works as hard as you do.

The Original Platinum Metallic Silicone Wedding Band

$24.99 // 6MM

We use our own recipe of colorants without any metallic/conductive ingredients to create this safe and unique silicone wedding ring. Our platinum colorants mimic the ever popular look of a Platinum wedding band. We proudly make all our original platinum metallic rings here in the US from domestically sourced bio compatible medical grade silicone. SafeRingz are a non conductive, heat resistant, durable, and safe wedding ring that is designed to break when stretched, keeping your fingers safe no matter your occupation or hobby.


Buy the ring that works as hard as you do.


Customer Reviews

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Lackluster appearance and stretched.

I purchased this specifically from the Safe Ringz website to support a US business and give less money to Amazon but that was unfortunately a mistake.

After just a few weeks of wearing the ring, it has permanently stretched to be about 2 sizes larger than when I purchased it. I noticed this when it began to come off during normal things like washing hands. I measured it with calipers, compared to my wedding ring, and verified it was purchased as the correct size (it was stamped as an 8 which is what it was supposed to be).

The appearance also looks nothing like the images and advertisements. There is no real metallic sheen. It's just ever so slightly more reflective than a regular silicone band.

I contacted support with my issues and there off was a refund of everything except shipping. No offers of a replacement, no offers for a different color, nothing. And why not refund shipping too? So now I'm going to be out $6.19 for a faulty product that is no fault of my own.

I hate to say it, but I can't recommend this company at this point. And if you do decide to buy from them, go through Amazon for the customer protection...


Was 2-3 sizes to small

Jim Martin
Very glad to have found Safeingz!

So, I had two issues with my traditional wedding ring -- the work I do made me nervous about my finger getting tore off, and I have webbing between my fingers that extends a bit higher up the finger than most folks. Because of that last, I need a ring a bit too large, which means it is t risk of falling off. So this soft, safe ring it perfect, especially as, at this price, if it DOES fall off as I have to have it too big, it's not going to break the bank to get another.

Great customer service, I placed my original order with an error: I forgot to up the size like I need to. I reached out to them as fast as I could, and they were able (and, importantly, willing) to catch it before it got out the door and send me the bigger size.

The ring is comfortable, looks great (it's one of the "gold" ones) and so far I've managed not to lose it. But if I ever do, I am coming back to Saferingz for another one. Could not be happier.