Antique Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

Buy a rubber wedding band that works as hard as you do.

The Original Antique Metallic Silicone Wedding Band

$24.99 // 6MM

We use our own recipe of colorants without any metallic/conductive ingredients to create this safe and unique silicone wedding ring. The Antique color represents a dark antique copper metallic look. We proudly make all our rings here in the US from domestically sourced bio compatible medical grade silicone. SafeRingz are a non conductive, heat resistant, durable, and safe wedding ring that is designed to break when stretched, keeping your fingers safe no matter your occupation or hobby.


Buy the ring that works as hard as you do.


Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Acosta

Exactly what we wanted

Darren Sims
It is a great idea for wearing a ring that is disposable or gets in the way of activities.

Although expensive for a tiny piece of silicone, it does the job well! Also expensive to engrave but did it anyway...

Works great, especially for the price

After having to go to the nearby fire station to have yet another ring cut off due to a finger injury that was selling up way too much, I decided I needed something I could easily cut off in an emergancy. After looking and looking, I decide on a silicon ring. The reviews for Saferingz were pretty good, so I went that direction. Those folks are SUPER helpful, pragmatic, and customer focused. Even though my ring will never pass the real gold test at close-up range, the gold metallic I chose does just fine. I would absolutely give Saferingz a try if you are looking for something that is cost effective, safe, and looks good.