Tie the Knot with Silicone Wedding Rings

Tying the knot is a special occasion, and SafeRingz is here to help. It's hard to believe that silicone wedding rings can complete a wedding, but Nick and Miranda proved they can.


A Wedding Story: Nick And Miranda Anglemeyer

Nick and Miranda were once high school sweethearts. Today, they are husband and wife.

After eight years, Nick took Miranda out to a lovely Italian dinner at one of his favorite golf courses. He encouraged her to hit a couple of golf balls afterwards. Miranda swung her club, turned around, and found Nick on one knee. And as they say, the rest was happily-ever-after history.

A man and woman smiling in wedding clothes.


Tying The Knot With The Love Of Your Life—And Silicone Wedding Rings.

While Miranda had her traditional wedding ring, Nick opted for SafeRingz. It's hard to believe that silicone wedding rings can complete a wedding, but these two made it happen. And we are absolutely honored to have been a part of their special day.

An open-air wedding ceremony.A man and wife walking on a green lawn with their best man and maid of honor.
"Please Find Your Seat and Let's PAR-TEE" chalk sign.A bronze ring and a silver silicone wedding ring in a baby blue wedding ring box.

A woman in a white wedding dress dancing with a man in a grey suit.

Check out the rest of Nick and Miranda's wedding photos and get their full story here.

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