The Science of Happiness and SafeRingz

The science of happiness: spending money on experiences will make you happier than spending it on possessions.


What Is The Science Of Happiness?

That's the question one couple wanted to find out.

Our new friends Sterling and Sarah decided to leave their Washington, DC jobs in February 2017, move out of their apartment, drive across the country, get married, and then launch an around-the-world honeymoon to find... you got it — happiness.

How Do Silicone Wedding Rings Come Come Into Play?

When Sterling and Sarah changed their lives to find happiness, they discovered what the most important thing was.

The science of happiness: spending money on experiences will make you happier than spending it on possessions.

Prioritizing their budget on expensive wedding rings was not an option. And because the two of them love to explore and go on adventures, they needed rings that fit their active lifestyle. So their solution was to stay safe and stay budget-friendly with silicone wedding rings, specifically SafeRingz.

SafeRingz are the original silicone wedding rings that work hard to keep you safe while you honor your commitment to your loved one, always.

Check out Sterling and Sarah's blog to learn more about their story.

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Why wear a silicone wedding ring?

Silicone rings – what’s with all the hype?

Since the original silicone wedding ring came onto the scene back in 2005, sporting a silicone ring has become popular with a wide array of people. 

You’ve probably seen your fellow gym rat, outdoor enthusiast, or even your local mechanic wearing one. The truth is, there are a variety of reasons you may want to wear a silicone ring instead of a metal one. 

And if you are thinking about purchasing one, you probably have a few questions.

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What is Silicone? (And why make a ring out of it?)

As a company that makes silicone wedding rings, we talk a lot about the benefits of silicone.

Like how it’s durable enough to hold up to everyday wear and tear. And at the same time, it will break under pressure to keep you and your fingers safe.

But what actually is silicone?

We thought it was time to talk about the material our rings are made of – and why we make rings out of this versatile substance in the first place.

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