The Perfect Ring for Nurses

When you’re committed to a job that requires hard work, like being a nurse, you deserve a hardworking ring. Celebrate Nurses Week with a ring you can count on.


Happy National Nurses Week!

There are so many jobs out there that require hard work and dedication, and one of those jobs is being a nurse. National Nurses Week is celebrated every year between May 6 and May 12. We want to celebrate all of the nurses around the world who work tirelessly and selflessly to make a difference. Thank you.

Nurses Deserve Nurses Week For Their Hard Work

Actually, nurses deserve 365 days a year of recognition for all of the hard work they put in. They also deserve a hardworking ring that keeps them safe. Traditional metal wedding rings are dangerous, especially on the job. Not only do these types of rings jeopardize the nurse’s safety, but patients’ as well.

What Hardworking Ring Works Best For Nurses?

SafeRingz are made from bio compatible medical grade silicone. This means that they make the perfect ring for nurses, medical technicians and anyone else who wears gloves. Rubber wedding bands are safe, making SafeRingz the perfect ring for nurses. Celebrate Nurses Week with a ring you can count on. When you’re committed to a job that requires hard work, you deserve a hardworking ring.

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