SafeRingz Stories: Why Heather H. Chose Her Silicone Wedding Ring

As a nurse, my wedding ring was ripping my gloves at work and with the amount of body fluids, I was afraid of getting germs in my diamond set. My husband Clay is a firefighter, and the risk of injury is too high in both of those jobs to feel safe with a metal band. My husband just didn't wear his ring, period.


My husband and I have been married 10 years this June 9th! We got married in 2007 and were high school sweethearts. My favorite part about being married is always having that person to make memories with, grow with, laugh with and love unconditionally.

Our marriage is a lifetime union before the Lord. Our marriage means to put God first, and our marriage second with working daily to uphold our vows.

My husband and I both work jobs that make SafeRingz ideal.

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I myself am a nurse. My actual wedding ring was ripping my gloves at work. Also, with the amount of body fluids, I was afraid of getting things/germs in my diamond set. Clay, my husband, is a firefighter, as well as on their special operations/swift water team and farrier. The risk of injury is too high in both of those jobs to feel safe with a metal band. My husband just didn't wear his ring, period.

We also both love the gym. With barbells and dumbbells, the wear and tear on your metal wedding band doesn’t take long to ruin it. There is that risk of injury as well.
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I found SafeRingz after some research and decided to give it a try a few years back. I haven’t worn any other silicone wedding band since. It also allows my husband to safely wear his on a daily basis no matter what job he is doing.

We are able to enjoy lifting weights now without worrying about injury or damage to the metal band. Clay is now able to work and shoe horses without the fear of injury.

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I recommend SafeRingz all the time on the same principles of why we wear ours. I recommend it to the nurses that inquire about mine, that they can wear a wedding ring without that fear of a ripped glove or germs/body fluids in their diamond sets.

I recommend it to my friends/family/coworkers when they state their husband can’t wear a wedding band due to the risk of injury in their job.

I recommend SafeRingz because it’s a great product, with a company founded on the same needs and principles of our own.

I recommend SafeRingz because they are a company who isn’t afraid to openly show their love for Jesus.

I recommend SafeRingz because they’re made in the USA.

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