22 Date Ideas for Married Couples

What haven’t you and your spouse done for date night? It’s time to skip the typical dinner and a movie date and try one of these 22 date ideas.


Skip Dinner And A Movie With These Date Ideas For Married Couples.

There are people who think once you’re married, dating is out of the picture, and that’s not true. Dating is still a huge part of married life. But after being married for years and years, it’s hard to come up with new ideas.

What Haven’t You Guys Done? It’s Time To Skip The Typical Dinner And A Movie Date And Try One Of These 22 Date Ideas:

  1. Make a spa night in your backyard by purchasing a kiddie pool and filling it up with bubble bath. Surround your new bath with candles.
  2. Create your own game—whether it be a board game or sports game, and then play it.
  3. Play hide-and-seek in the dark. (The kids are invited to this one!)
  4. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen, shelter or retirement home.
  5. Go on a hike and pack each other’s lunch, then surprise each other and have a picnic.
  6. Start writing a book together. First, one of you writes the first page, then the other reads it then writes the second page, and so on. Don’t look at it until it’s complete, then make a date to read it.
  7. Go to a garage sale and pick out something for each other, then make up a story about the item.
  8. Go to a random concert and enjoy the music together.
  9. Set up a tent and camp out in your backyard.
  10. Pick a restaurant at least 30 minutes away and play road trip games (e.g. ABC game).
  11. Go on a penny walk, where you flip a penny at every corner stop to see which way to go next.
  12. Become a tourist by doing touristy things in your town or city and take pictures.
  13. Go to the next local fair or carnival.
  14. Make breakfast together before your kids wake up, then surprise them.
  15. Look through the Guinness Book of World Records and pick something that you two can potentially beat together.
  16. Write a bucket list together, then do one to cross it off.
  17. Create a triathlon of activities and it into a competition.
  18. Learn a dance, whether it’s through a dance class, YouTube videos or friends.
  19. Take each other to places that are meaningful to you individually before marriage.
  20. Become YouTube stars by recording yourselves singing a famous song while sitting in the car.
  21. Have a friend or relative create a scavenger hunt for you two to take.
  22. Dinner and a movie—at a drive-in.

If you have a different date idea, share with us in the comments. And remember, put your phones away! Focus on your date and your spouse. If you decide to choose a more adventurous date, be sure to wear your SafeRingz!

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