What's My Ring Size?

Shopping for a ring online? Then you’re probably wondering, “What’s my ring size?”

Whether you’re shopping online for yourself or for a significant other, it’s essential to know sizes. Afterall, who has the time and extra cash to worry about returns until you actually get the correct size? When it comes to rings, like SafeRingz, you want to know which rubber wedding band will fit you best for comfort. You also want to make sure it doesn’t fall off because it’s too big or that you can’t even put it on because it’s too snug.


The best solution to find your ring size.

Using a guide like our ring size chart will help eliminate the stress and help you figure out your ring size. If you’re trying to figure out what your significant other’s ring size is without them knowing, we recommend taking their original wedding ring and then using our ring size chart for measurement.

Download our ring size chart

When your ring size changes, how do you know which size is best?

Your ring size isn’t always consistent. Sometimes, it changes due to weather, pregnancy, irritations, etc. One of the best things about SafeRingz is that our rubber wedding bands are affordable, which means you can buy them in bulk or purchase one again when your ring breaks or simply doesn’t fit at the moment. When you use our ring size chart, you can measure your ring size as accurately as possible.