What is Ring Rash?

Have an irritation on your ring finger? It’s probably ring rash.

What is ring rash? It’s that annoying itch you’re experiencing on your finger under the band of your wedding ring. Wedding ring rash, also known as wedding ring dermatitis, is a skin rash. It is more common in people who have a history of eczema, allergies and sensitive skin overall.


You’ve been wearing your ring for years and have never had ring rash… why now?

It happens. Ring rash comes out of, what seems like, nowhere. You’re scratching and scratching, but ring rash has turned into an itch that you simply cannot scratch away. There are two major contributors to the start of ring rash, and those two things are:

  1. You’re reacting to an actual and common allergy to the nickel component of the ring itself.

  2. Your skin is irritated from buildup of water, soap or other products that are getting trapped between your ring and your skin.

You have ring rash. Now what?

Now that you have learned what the irritation on your ring finger is, what’s next? The most common and best solution is to take your ring off until you no longer have the skin rash, however, that is not ideal for many of us. We want to eradicate the ring rash while also honoring our commitment to marriage. Always.


The perfect ring to avoid ring rash when you have sensitive skin.

Rubber wedding bands are the most ideal solution for ring rash because if your skin is prone to an allergic skin reaction, then you can continue to honor your commitments AND avoid another skin irritation on your finger. SafeRingz are an alternative wedding ring made of hypoallergenic silicone. In other words, SafeRingz are rubber wedding bands and make the perfect ring to avoid ring rash.


Other solutions to help ring rash, even with SafeRingz.

Because your skin can still get irritated from buildup of water, soap and other products, even with SafeRingz, it’s important to learn other solutions and ways to get rid of your ring rash. Here are two other tips:

  • Clean your ring, whether it’s a traditional metal wedding ring or a SafeRingz rubber wedding band. You wear it every day, so you should clean it once in awhile to eliminate buildup and germs.

  • Switch soaps! If you already have sensitive skin, then you are already a pro at finding the best alternative soaps, moisturizers and skin products that are made for sensitive skin.