SafeRingz is committed to work and marriage.
We are dedicated to making the safest rubber wedding bands for those who work hard.  Proudly Made in the USA.





Our promise is to provide men and women with the tools they need to proudly carry their commitment to work, or wherever else they go.  SafeRingz are the safest, most functional silicone wedding band you can wear and are engineered specifically for hard work.

Our rubber wedding bands are the ONLY ones with a unique metallic pigment that look and act like a real shiny wedding band, yet are SAFE and comfortable to wear. They are proven SAFE for all jobs. SafeRingz are a SAFE, non conductive, heat resistant, durable wedding ring for electricians, linemen, firefighters, mechanics, construction workers, military, police, and anyone who works with their hands.

SafeRingz are rubber wedding bands designed to break when stretched. 

Our silicone wedding band will keep your finger intact avoiding the dreaded ring avulsion if snagged or caught on something. Made from bio compatible medical grade silicone, they are great for nurses, medical technicians and anyone who wears gloves. SafeRingz are an answer for those who experience swelling in the fingers due to pregnancy, diabetes, or other medical issues. They are popular among triathletes, weight-lifters and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to our black wedding rings, we offer stylish silver, platinum, gold, antique, white, pink and colors.

A portion of every silicone wedding band sale goes toward sending free rings to our troops.


No matter where you go or what you do, SafeRingz is the essential part of your gear that allows you to proudly carry your commitment with you.

SafeRingz has your personal safety as our number one priority. We are committed families with dangerous occupations so our rings have undergone extensive testing, proving their safety features for all occupations and activities.


take it from the men and women who love saferingz...

My husband has all his fingers! Yea! it has only been about a month since I gave my electrician husband one of your rings. He is so happy with it and wears it constantly. Today we had another reason to be thrilled with your product. Unfortunately, my husband suffered a work accident that involved a high voltage arc. Have you ever seen the injuries resulting from high voltage electricity? Horrifying! Missing fingers and disfigured hands are common when the person is wearing metal. Thankfully he was not wearing metal and was wearing his SafeRingz wedding band. His injuries only consist of second degree burns to both his hands. The ring remained intact and did no damage to his finger or cause any additional harm to his hand. He simply rolled it off of his swollen hand for the emergency room doctors to treat his hands. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I will be forever grateful.
— Stephanie
Thank you so much for this business!! I was so excited to find these rings, since my husband is in the military and is not allowed to wear any conductive jewelry, and I recently developed an allergy to my wedding band! To top it all off, I simply had to purchase from yall because you love the Lord. Thank you for being so bold about your faith and standing strong for marriage!!
— Laura
August 1st 2008 I became one of those stories your Dad always told you about I hung my wedding ring as I fell pulling my finger off I have not been able to wear my ring since then due to the way my finger was repaired but yesterday I received my saferingz in the mail and can finally put a ring back on. Thank you guys and my wife thanks you also.
— Danny
Since I can’t write a review I’ll leave it here! I am pregnant and due to swelling had to stop wearing my wedding band. I ordered a ring from your company and when I got it (3 days later!) it was too small. You guys gladly accepted it, reshipped the next size, and I had it back by the end of the week! I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the ring. It’s super safe, and nice that I still get to wear the symbolism of my marriage without worry! Thank you for a great product that’s exactly as you market it!!!!
— Erika