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My husband has all his fingers! Yea!

What a blessing! It has only been about a month that I gave my electrician husband one of your rings. He is so happy with it and wears it constantly. Today, we had another reason to be thrilled with your product. Unfortunately, my husband suffered a work accident that involved a high voltage arc. Have you ever seen the injuries resulting from high voltage electricity? Horrifying! Missing fingers and disfigured hands are common when the person is wearing metal. Thankfully, he was not wearing metal and was wearing his SafeRings wedding band. His injuries only consist of second degree burns to both his hands. The ring remained intact and did not damage his finger or cause any additional harm to his hand. He simple rolled it off of his swollen hand for the emergency room doctors to treat his hands. Thank you for this wonderful product! 

We will be sharing this story for quite some time. When we took my husband's SafeRingz wedding ring to be blessed, our parish priest had plenty of questions. We provided him with a print-out of your website, which he plans to share with future couples. I can't wait to share with Father how the ring saved my husband's hand! I will be forever grateful.

– Stephanie

I can not even begin to say how happy I am with my ring. I normally don’t write reviews about the products I receive but I can’t help myself on this one. I am going to be a life long customer of yours. Your product is perfect. I’m in the military and I can’t wear a traditional ring because it just gets in the way, but with this ring its so adaptable and tough that it can handle anything and I don’t even know I have it on half the time. it doesn’t get cold in the winter like a metal ring does. I’m an air force fire fighter and I can’t wear a ring because it will heat up and burn my finger and will have to be cut off. But with this I can stay in a fire until my air runs out, and if it does have to be cut off its so much simpler then cutting thru a metal ring. there’s not enough positive things to say about your product. Expect many more orders from me. keep up the excellent work. And Aim High, Fly, Fight, Win!

– A1C Sherwood

Thank you so much for this business!! I was so excited to find these rings, since my husband is in the military and is not allowed to wear any conductive jewelry, and I recently developed an allergy to my wedding band! To top it all off, I simply had to purchase from yall because you love the Lord. Thank you for being so bold about your faith and standing strong for marriage!!

– Laura

I would just like to say that I am very glad I stumbled upon Saferingz. I was looking for durable and safe rings that my husband and I could wear at work. He is an aircraft mechanic in the USMC and I work as an EMT, we both are not able to wear our regular rings at work. I noticed your program that provides rings for service members and I wrote a note on my order. They sent me one ring for my husband to match the one I had ordered for me! A handwritten note wishing us well was also included, I thought this was very thoughtful. I love the rings, they are very resistant, practical, and the color looks classy.

- Xiani

Thank you so much for your help. I love the ring! The size exchange was so easy with your help. I feel much better now that my husband has his. As a mechanic he can wear his ring and be safe while working with his hands. It’s durable but would not cause him harm if it snagged. He loves it too and often wears it out since it’s hard to tell there is a difference. We’ve recommended your site to his buddies at work and will definitely be purchasing again.

Again thank you so much for the quick delivery, easy size exchange and follow up. Your customer service has exceeded my expectations.

– Heather

I just want to let you know that last week I was kicked in the palm by my horse. The first thing the doctor at the hospital said was “Can you get that off?” (pointing at my safety ring). My husband and I both giggled, and I rolled the ring right off of my pretty swollen finger!!! It was awesome!!! I want to thank you for offering this type of product!

Please let me know when you have the colors in stock again!!! I must have more colors!!! They have definitely proven themselves!!!

Thank You!

– Tammi Thomas

I just took a closer look at your website and I read something about a replacement program. The reason I’m needing to get another ring is because mine broke on me while I was remodeling my basement. It got hung up on a nail that was sticking out of a 2×4 and broke. If I had been wearing a metallic ring it would have caused damage to my finger. But that’s not the first or the second time that ring saved my finger. The two other times accured months ago. Once on a job site that involved a wire sticking out that snagged my wedding band and the other time involved me having my hand in a live panel working on a circuit that didn’t have any extra length to spare. In the process of fixing this circuit my hand slipped and my finger touched a live part in the panel. Only the wedding band touched the live part and yes my other hand was touching the grounded cabinet of the panel. It never shocked me. If I had been wearing a traditional wedding band…… well let’s just say it would have hurt really bad.
Thank you for making this product. I’ve purchased several for me and my wife. Im using my back up now. The original lasted a little under a year but saved my finger at least 3 times and maybe even my life. Even if you guys send me a replacement I’m still ordering a couple extra. Its a great product that works like it is suppose to.

God Bless,

– Benny

Thank you so much for this product! My financee’s hand was nearly severed off in a work related accident 3 months ago and it became evident to us after the reconstruction surgery that the ring I bought him will never fit and due to the nature of the accident, the finger will continue to swell. This is absolutely perfect for our wedding on 8/22! I was so sad that this important exchange as a symbol of our love may not have been able to happen! Bless you!

– Melissa

Just wanted to write and let you know, that I love your product. My wife had bought me one of your rings for Christmas after I insisted I didn’t want to wear my “band” to work because in my field I didn’t want to get snagged and lose a finger. I work in the welding and medical gas field, delivering tanks of gas. Well about 6 months after receiving the your ring I found out just how lucky I was to have it pop instead of taking my finger with it as I would have with a metal band. I was climbing down the ladder on the side of the truck, my foot slipped on the bottom rung and went to catch myself and the treads on the ladder grabbed the ring and popped it. I’ve seen/heard some horror stories about metal bands and finger loss or dismemberment. Just wanted to write and thank you for a great product.

– Jason


August 1st 2008 I became one of those stories your Dad always told you about I hung my wedding ring as I fell pulling my finger off I have not been able to wear my ring since then due to the way my finger was repaired but yesterday I received my saferingz in the mail and can finally put a ring back on. Thank you guys and my wife thanks you also.

– Danny


Hello there,

I’m placing my second order for some Saferingz today.

06/06/2014 – I had the misfortune of de-gloving a finger when my wedding ring caught on an insignificant little weld on a steel crate while I was jumping down from the back of my vehicle. I never wore my ring at work (electrician and power station operator). However I liked to wear my ring when ever I was home because I loved what it symbolized. Surgeons were unable to save my finger, because I had trashed the veins in it. Blood was able to get in (no damage to artery) but it couldn’t get back. Hence my finger started to die. Three days after my accident, my finger was amputated. Now, I always wear 2 Saferingz (I carry spares in my bag too). I give them to people who are driven to make an immediate change about their ring wearing habits. I tell them about Saferingz, so they can get on line and order rings to suit their needs.

I hope my experience can be used to save other people from experiencing what I and my dear wife have been through. I’m left handed as well, which has added to the challenge of life without finger.

Well done Saferingz

– Brian (Western Australia)

Since I can’t write a review I’ll leave it here! I am pregnant and due to swelling had to stop wearing my wedding band. I ordered a ring from your company and when I got it (3 days later!) it was too small. You guys gladly accepted it, reshipped the next size, and I had it back by the end of the week! I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the ring. It’s super safe, and nice that I still get to wear the symbolism of my marriage without worry! Thank you for a great product that’s exactly as you market it!!!!

– Erika

Dear Saferingz, I recently found your website online and wanted to commend you on a great product. I am in the military an avid outdoorsman and have numerous times over the years come close to getting my wedding ring snagged on equipment while performing everyday activities. A couple times scared me to the point where I started wearing it on my watchband but that upset my wife. I’m glad you developed an alternative to the traditional wedding ring that is much more practical and safer for people with active lifestyles. Throughout my military career I’ve actually encountered 3 guys that are missing fingers thanks to accidents involving their wedding rings. Well, I’m no longer married but if someday I do find a special someone I will definitely be purchasing your products. Until then, I’ll recommend them to all my married friends. Thanks for your support for the folks in uniform too. Have a great week.

– Chad

I wanted to thank you for making an excellent product. I work as a Police Officer and use your rings on duty. I was recently involved in a foot pursuit in which I tore your ring off my finger jumping a chain link fence. I am grateful that I was wearing your ring and not a metallic one as I would have most likely strained or broke my finger. All said and done, I didn’t even notice my ring was missing until after the fugitive was apprehended. You have my sincerest gratitude for a safety product that works magnificently.


– Gabriel

Just wanted to drop you a note. I ordered two rings last Saturday the 23rd at 12:30 am. I received them today, Tuesday the 26th. Wow what service.
I bought these because my gold band causes a rash in my finger and being a machinist the hard metal can dent the parts I make. So for the past 4 years I have not worn a wedding ring. My wife, the love of my life, is battling breast cancer right now. I surprised her with your ring when she got home today from surgery. The smile on her face was priceless. Thank you for creating this product. I am hoping I don’t break out like I do with the gold ring. Me wearing a ring means the world to her. Thank you, thank you.

– Thomas

We just want to share our thoughts about your SafeRingz. My husband is in the military and I am a Personal Trainer who competes in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions as a hobby – as a result we are both extremely active day-to-day and needed a better option to wear than our wedding rings. A big concern for us was injuring our hands during our fitness training or his field training at work. We thought about getting plain gold or platinum bands we didn’t care about, but it still isn’t a safe or inexpensive option. One of our biggest concerns was my husbands Titanium band. I’m sure you guys know that these rings need a special saw to be cut through if a hand gets injured and swollen (eek!) . These rings are weightless and so comfortable – and they come in tons of colors and they look great! We have no complaints at all – in fact, we’ve recommended them to our family and friends in person and online friends as well.

Thanks so much – you’ve saved our hands!

– Chelsea and Daniel

My husband practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & used 2 wear a really nice tungsten wedding band UNTIL he was competing & jacked up his knuckle/finger & it was all he could do 2 get that wedding band off! Now his knuckle is permanently larger & he can’t wear a wedding band. That was the case until he saw Safe Ringz’ website & said that silicone was the PERFECT answer 2 people that do BJJ, mechanics & such; so I surprised him with an order & he hasn’t taken your ring off since getting it! The rings are inexpensive, s&h is cheap, delivery is quick AND a portion of EVERY sale goes 2 send these rings 2 the military! **CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE** I’ll definitely be placing future orders! TY Safe Ring for offering these SAFE alternatives!!!!

– Susan

I received the ring I ordered earlier this week. I didn’t tell my husband I had ordered him one, and I just had him open the package when he got home from work. He opened it and was speechless. He took the ring out and said “wow. This is really cool and they look like my real metal ring! Where did you get this?”. He washed his hands as I told him I searched online and found your website. There are other websites that sell like products, but I loved that you were family owned and had hard working professions in your family to test this product out. He handed me the package and I realized there was a HAND WRITTEN note and another ring. The note thanked me for my order and explained the additional ring was in thanks for my husbands military service. I literally broke down in tears. That is the sweetest, most generous thing. We are a single income family with 4 very young sons. It is such a blessing to find good, honest people with great products these days.y husband has yet to take his ring off. He has worn it to work everyday (where they have a strict no jewelry policy) and is proud to show it off to his friends and coworkers, coaching football, working with our 11 horses, working on cars and everywhere else you can think of. He is constantly on the go, and this was a perfect , practical addition to our lives. Thank you so very much for this! We will be customers for life!

– Summer

Wow, my ring arrived Friday as I was leaving for an obstacle race. I was so excited to get to try it out. I could not be happier. Possibly my favorite piece of OCR gear ever. It held up perfect after 80ish obstacles on one of the toughest courses in the country, and it never got in the way or affected my grip. I will be posting a very positive review on www.nespahtens.com a, group of 3000+ obstacle racers.

– Michael

The ring we bought came quick and we were a little skeptical at first, it seemed cheep and hoakie…..but then my boyfriend put it on, it was snug, but comfortable, it looked pretty real, and it has saved his finger several times!!! It gets caught, then just stretches off…i thought maybe i should buy a couple more for a back up in case of this one ripping, but nope…it is still as good as new and he has had it for almost a year! very happy with this purchase, thank you so much!

– Michelle

My husband and I are both firefighters and these SafeRingz allow us to wear our wedding bands without the fear of losing our fingers. We have had many fellow firefighters lose a finger or deglove a finger due to metal wedding bands getting caught on the truck or tools. The comfort of the rings also is very rewarding during our work out times at the gym & drilling. My husband is a ferrier and a roper, so again the ring’s safety value is extremely important since he his doing dangerous work with his hands. I am a barrel racer and the ring is so comfortable, it doesn’t hurt my fingers when I clutch the saddle horn like my metal wedding band did. We both wear our SafeRingz every day of our lives and love them.

– Sheena

I bought one and so far I like it a lot. I work on generators so its safe around electricity and its resistant to oil and antifreeze when I’m doing engine work. At first when i got it i thought it was just an o-ring and as soon as it got oil on it it would expand and be trash. But 2 months later it hasn’t come off my finger and has taken multiple oil antifreeze and diesel baths and washes right off. I’m very happy with this product. Thank you.

– Josh

Thank you so much for your generous donation of the Safe Ringz. Not the greatest picture, it was at the end of a long day when I took it, but I took the picture to show my husband my new ring that I could wear at work. He was excited because I haven’t worn a ring in about 3 years. I am very grateful to you and have been spreading the word about your website to other people who also cannot wear wedding rings. The guys here at work love the rings and several people are wearing them. I am actually wearing a gold one today!!! God bless!!!

– SSG Amber – U.S. Army

I found these by chance a couple of weeks ago and bought them for us. Hubby hates wearing his ring, says it feels funny and bothers him, plus he works on blackhawks for the Army, so his hands are in tight places, getting dirty a lot and in easy snag situations! I am also sometimes in places where I can’t wear any jewelry with any diamonds or protrusions for work, it has to be one solid piece. We are also both fairly active people, he does crossfit and we’re both on the water a lot wakeboarding and such – with these we don’t even feel we’re wearing rings during these activities! He has actually been wearing it since I got it for him, and I find I wear mine frequently also because of work.
After this weekend – I am SOOO thankful I got these for us… he forgot to take his ring off before hopping onto a blackhawk and in the process, caught his hand on something and it grabbed his ring. Had it been his normal wedding ring, it probably would have resulted in a trip to the ER and potentially a lost finger. Instead, the material gave and all he felt was the snap of the ring. Instead of his finger missing a piece, there is just missing piece from the ring. Thank you for having such a great product!!!
Unfortunately I must admit that initially I had bought this product from a similar website without doing my research and before finding your company, but their selection was much more limited. In addition to that, we are a military family, so knowing that your company supports the troops in supplying rings to them – I will always recommend and buy from you for now on!!! Now that I have a reason to order a new one, I will definitely be ordering from your company for the added value and selection. Thank you for supporting the troops!

– Lauren

I wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found your rings! My husband does hvac and was wearing one and one day he got shocked right thru his ring finger! Thankfully he had his safe ring on and didn’t get hurt it could of been a lot worse! I love the fact that my husband can go to work wearing his wedding ring and not kill himself! Thank you so much.

– Nikki

As a paramedic, I’m often in situations involving jagged metal, power tools, and such and we’ve all heard the horror stories about colleagues who have climbed ladders when their foot slipped, their ring caught on a projection, and they fall several feet only to find they’re missing their ring finger. I’m VERY glad to have found your product and not have to worry about that any more.

– Rebecca

Thank you! My husband loves his new ring! He is a mechanic and doesn’t wear his wedding band because he is afraid he’ll damage it or hurt himself. He hasn’t taken his SafeRing off yet! I even got one for myself for when we are vacationing. Thanks for making a great product!

– Joelle

Thank you for such a genius idea!! I’m a pro football player and the guys and I have made our wives very happy now that we can wear wedding bands by SafeRingz!!! Thanks

– Janna

My husband is a mechanic, and it has always made me a little nervous that he wore his titanium (and now tungsten) ring to work. Discovered this site by accident on Black Friday and ordered two thinking we wouldn’t be out a whole lot. So glad I did! Great quality, looks nice, and a much safer alternative for my husband while he works!

– Kaitlin

Thank you for your prompt service. I have had serious issues with customer service lately. You have changed a spiraling pattern for me. I will be spreading the word on what a good product and what great service you have!

– Jared

I just wanted to say that the rings I bought are awesome. I’d previously worn a tungsten band coated with rhodium, but was still having an allergic reaction after 6-8 hours of wear. The rings I bought here haven’t caused an issue yet. I was sold the tungsten band with the coating on the premise that it was hypo-allergenic, but that appears to be false. I’ve recommended your products to several friends who work with machinery or are also very sensitive to nickel.

– Matthew –

I love the ringz. As you may or may not know all metal gives off a micro current. Metals in jewelry, metals in dental work, etc. can interact and inhibit muscle function, cause postural imbalance and contribute to pain in the body. As a body worker and postural reprogrammer I recommend your products to my clients.

– Brant

Very pleased with this ring. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and possible Raynauds and find metal rings very painful and my hands often swell and shrink. the flexibility of these rings is fantastic and so comfortable I forget Im wearing it. Its so nice to be able to wear a wedding ring again!

– Angie

Used this ring for a year in a very harsh environment with different chemicals and abrasives. Worked well for me. Am ordering this one again.

– John – Mechanic

I can’t thank you enough for making these rings. My husband recently got a job as a lineman for the electric company. He was told that he could no longer wear a wedding band to work. He was upset that he would have to take his ring off. I ordered one in black and gave it to him for Valentine’s day. He is one happy man to know that now he can still have a wedding band on. Thank you so much for what you’re doing!

– Crystal

Great product! It’s far more comfortable than my gold band, which is seeing far too much wear. I work for a living and am very physically active. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve snagged my ring or got hit with a little bit of current. The best part is you can wear it a little loose and the silicone material keeps it from sliding around.

– Jim

I wanted to say thank you for your rings! My fiance is a Journeyman Lineman and obviously cannot wear a metal wedding band. I got one of your rings a few months back to see if it was something he would be comfortable wearing. He has been “trying it out” for the last few months and loves it. He is a man who hates jewelry, however he says it is comfortable and he doesn’t even notice he is wearing it. Thank you for your product!

– Christine

Thanks so much!!! I haven’t held one in my hand yet, but I an convinced that this is the best solution! I am getting married in a few weeks, and plan to use it in the ceremony, as well as my job as a Lineman. Thanks again, capitalists!

– Benjamin

Not just a rubber ring, this is my full time wedding band! I’m a firefighter, roper, & farrier . My wife’s a barrel racer. We both wear your saferingz and love them! Thank you for giving us a comfortable and safe ring to wear with our lifestyle!

– Michael

I am so excited to have discovered your product. I am getting married in August, and my fiance got me a beautiful flashy engagement ring. I feel terrible when I have to take it off, but I am a very active person (as well as clumsy), so I do often. I have been daydreaming that something like this might exist so that once I am married, I can stay married even during triathlons, bartending, etc. I am very glad you invented it; I would not be up for starting a business, but I do want one for myself and probably my fiance!

– Allison

I got this ring when my 14k wedding band started to make me break out in hives, just before I started pastry school. I watched other married students get burns from their rings, but I never had to worry about it. Not to mention it’s a great conversation starter!

– Ellie

I actually wish these rings were made back in 1996 when I purchased my first wedding band set for my bride and me. Her diamond ended up falling out, and I ruined 3 gold bands from weightlifting and landscaping. SafeRingz are a treasure to our marriage and a blessing to my fingers and wallet!

– Cam – Landscaper

I just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. Thank you. I am wearing one and have given the other two to my neighbor who’s son is active marine in Afghanistan. I included your card and wrote a note about your excellent and kind customer service. I am sending my husband his with his Christmas packages. Thank you again for a great product and wonderful courtesy. Happy Holidays!

– Kat

You guys are the greatest and I’m gonna tell my husband’s Dr. and pretty much everyone we know how Fantastic you are and where they can order these rings.

– Deb

I have been looking for a band like this since before I got married 3 years ago. After getting two metal wedding rings and not liking them because they were uncomfortable and my fingers would swell, I stumbled upon Safe Ringz! The band is great and it is a darker grey which I like,but mostly it is comfortable on my finger!

– Tammy

I absolutely love my SafeRingz! Whether I am out running around with my kids, or at home doing dishes, I am wearing my SafeRingz band. I never have to worry about taking it off due to fear of losing another diamond! It’s a comfy fit and a constant reminder of something I truly value – my marriage!

– Dana – Soccer Mom

I can’t say thanks enough! I’m sure I’ll be ordering more.

– Brandon

I love this ring. I am back to get more. People comment on how nice it is all the time and ask if it is stone or glass.

– Claire

I work on cars all day everyday. My wife bought me a beautiful wedding band, she was very understanding with the fact that I do not wear my ring at work, but she expressed many times that it bothered her, so after some internet searching I found saferingz.com, truly an answer to my prayers. Now she is happy which in return she makes me happy. THANK YOU safe rings. Her only complaint now is that I wear my safe ring more than my other ring. It’s comfortable, durable, fashionable, and my favorite….inexpensive. I AM A SAFERING WEARER!!!

– Kevin

I’m so happy i found this! I’m a power lineman in honolulu hawaii, so i haven’t been able to wear my wedding band since i got married. I always felt bad not having it on, but that will soon change. Mahalo Nui Loa! Thank you very much! Kekama

– Jason

I am so happy to have found your product, for years I’ve been wondering why there is no “rubber” wedding band that is safe to wear.

– Lisa

Hi just wanted to write in to you guys to thank you. Im from Australia and im an electrician when I first got married I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to wear my wedding band for safety reasons, so I searched and searched for a better solution. It took a while but then I stumbled apon your product and purchased it immediately. As soon as I got it I love it the way it felt and looks I knew I could wear this at work and be safe. Now I tell all my married friends from Australia to buy them. Thanks.

– Ben

I recently found your website and was so excited about your product that I immediately ordered the platinum ring to try it out. I received it today. Thank you for quick shipment. I just wanted to let you know that I am a student (about to graduate) from the marine mechanics institute under universal technical institute in Orlando Florida. I have told and shown everyone in my courses including my professors about my purchase and have taken them and printed off your website. Several of my instructors have had incidents with a traditional band and are excited about this find. So I just wanted to say thank you as it was everything described on the site and let you know that you should be getting more business in the near future. I also printed a flyer for the bulletin board in the common areas to advertise the product!

– Andy

I was looking for an alternative for my husband to his traditional gold band. He recently seriously injured his finger at work as a result of electricity conducting via his wedding band. I had encouraged him to stop wearing his ring to work but he is insisting that he does, so I was elated when I found your site. I ended up ordering his, and another for my brother who works along side my husband. Thank you so much for this affordable and safe option!

– Elizabeth