What's My
Ring Size?

  • The width of an Original SafeRingz band is = 6mm
  • The width of a Thin SafeRingz band is = 3mm
  • If your ring size seems it could be one of two sizes of our SafeRingz choose the larger size to ensure a comfortable/breathable fit.
  • If you are a half size, our customer base over the years has lead us to the following suggestion.  If you are an 8.5 or smaller, we recommend you go up in size.  For example, if you are measuring at a 6.5, you should order a size 7.  If you are a 9.5 or larger, we recommend you go down in size.  For example, if you are measuring at a 10.5, you should order a size 10.
  • If you are buying for someone else, use this as a basic guide.
  • Men’s small would be 8/9, Women’s small would be 4/5
  • Men’s average would be 10/11, Women’s average would be 6/7
  • Men’s large would be 12/13, Women’s large would be 8/9
  • NOTE: Silicone stretches and gives more than metal, but please allow the ring to be slightly loose on your finger to allow water or chemicals that may get trapped between your ring and finger to dry.  This will help avoid skin irritation (ring rash).

For the most accurate silicone wedding band size measurement, visit a jeweler and try on multiple ring sizes.


Not sure what your ring size is?

We wanted to take the best ways of measuring ring out there and create a one-stop-shop Ring Size Chart Toolkit

We also sell a ring sizer in our store that will accurately measure your ring size if you don't have a jeweler, and you want to make absolutely sure.  Just click the image below to add one to your cart.


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