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So you’ve picked out your silicone wedding ring, but you’re not sure what size to get?

Don’t sweat it! Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you find your perfect SafeRingz fit, so you can rock your commitment in comfort and style.


How do I find my ring size at home?

Find your ring size in the comfort of your own home. Simply measure the circumference of your finger and compare it to our ring size guide below.

What do I need to measure my ring size?

To measure your ring size, you’ll need a flexible tape measure and a pen. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure simply use a piece of string and a ruler or purchase our ring sizer.

How do I measure my ring size using a measuring tape or a string?

Wrap the measuring tape or string around the base of your finger. Make sure it’s snug, but not too tight. With a pen, mark the measuring tape, or cut the string where it meets around your finger. If you’re using a string, measure its length with a ruler. Finally, reference our ring sizer chart below with your measurements to find your perfect fit.

Pro tip: The best time to measure your ring size is at the end of the day when your fingers are likely to be their largest.

What should I do if I’m in-between sizes?

If you’re in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up to ensure a comfortable and breathable fit. If you’re a half size, our customer base recommends sizing up if your an 8.5 or smaller, and sizing down if you’re a 9.5 or larger.

Pro tip: Just like a good pair of denim jeans, our silicone wedding ring will loosen up after a few wears providing a formfitting, but comfortable fit.  

What do I need to know about SafeRingz?

Although silicone is more flexible than metal, please allow your new SafeRingz to fit slightly loose on your finger to allow water or chemicals that may get trapped between your ring and finger to dry. This will help prevent any skin irritation.

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Pro tip: For the most accurate silicone wedding band size measurement, visit a jeweler and try on multiple ring sizes. Don't have a jeweler? Grab a ring sizer to be absolutely sure your measurements are correct.