END Cancer. Show Support.


It's a bold statement but...

Your work, your commitment--pale in comparison to the support and love we must give those who fight the battle of their lives.

This October, and every day past, love and support those who have been touched and who have survived breast cancer. 

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Meet Danita:

(Mother of 3, Wife, SafeRingz wearer and cancer survivor)

Read Danita’s survivor story and share your own to help encourage and support those battling breast cancer. 

Danita (center) with her family. 

Danita (center) with her family. 

I was diagnosed in November of 2011 when I was 40 years old. It’s been a trying and humble journey from diagnosed to recovery. I remember the first month as a very dark time. Even though I have a strong faith, it’s a hard thing to wrap your mind around. There were so many unknowns. But I feel very blessed for the path I had, which went from a lumpectomy to a double mastectomy. Friends asked me if I thought I should get a second opinion, but I felt confident I was doing the right thing. Breast cancer is heavily in my family (great-grandma, grandma, mom and aunt). My surgery went well but afterwards was left with feelings of, “why me?”

To me, the biggest thing Breast Cancer Awareness Month means is the word “awareness.” My mammogram saved my life. I really try to encourage people to do self-breast exams and get mammograms with their doctor regularly. Any chance you get to support businesses that donate to the Cancer Foundation and American Cancer Society, like SafeRingz, is a great way to help, too.

Get a great support system: friends, family, and church family. My husband was a great support. At my church, they have a breast cancer prayer team, and I remember my husband saying to my kids, “Your mom is alive because 130 women at church are praying for her.” :) But it sometimes feels like a double-edged sword. You are so grateful to have your family be there for you, help you, pray for you, but you also feel that guilt of what they are going through. 

I want my story to help give hope and strength to every women battling breast cancer. 

“I understand,” is the first thing step to battling. It’s okay to feel that initial shock and dark cloud. But surround yourself with others that will listen and stay positive when you aren’t feeling great. The best advice I got when I told my mentor at church that I couldn’t wait for the year to be over was, “Don’t wish away the journey. Use this time to see what God is showing you through this.

I have never forgotten that.

Be strong.

And support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Please share your personal story or provide some words of encouragement for those battling breast cancer.

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