Why I Wear SafeRingz: Mark Redlinger

Here at SafeRingz, we’re all about the rough and tough lifestyle, but we’re also suckers for a good safety story, especially when they involve our rings.

We recently received an email from structural engineer, Mark Redlinger, on why he wears SafeRingz and we loved it so much, we thought we’d give it a share.

Mark writes:

…"In 1999, I married the love of my life with the gold band that once belonged to my great-grandfather. It has high sentimental value to me, as my father wore it for many years and I inherited it after he died. When I was a newlywed, my wife was talking to me from the second floor of our apartment while I was on the stairs to the first floor. There was a wood guardrail between us. I jumped up, grabbed the guardrail and did a pull up to give her a kiss goodbye. When I let go of the guardrail, my wedding ring dug into the wood and, for a second, hung me there. I could feel the weight increasing on my ring finger and I am sure I would have lost the entire finger, but a chunk of the guardrail broke free and I was dropped down the stairs. After that, I was shaken up enough to not wear a ring for many years.”

Scary stuff, right?  But then, Mark found SafeRingz.

“I ordered several and have worn them for at least 5 years. They are great! I never have to worry about what I do with my hands. The rings are more comfortable, lighter, and, best of all, safer… I have smashed, twisted, stretched, and abused my ring, but never once have I needed to take it off or had any problem with it. I love this thing.”

Pictured below: Mark and his wife, Leanne, sporting their SafeRingz.


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