SafeRingz Couples

Couples for Couple Appreciation Month

April is Couple Appreciation Month, so we celebrated by asking SafeRingz couples to share images of themselves and their spouses. While SafeRingz bands remind couples of their commitment to one another, these SafeRingz couple images remind us why we do what we do. We created a comfortable rubber wedding band that is built to break, so you are always safe and free of worry when it comes to taking off your ring in order to stay safe.

Although Couple Appreciation Month is over, we want to encourage everyone to continue sharing their love and posting photos of themselves with their spouses and their SafeRingz.


Travis and Jaquilyn Shumate


Jeff and Donna Barber


Rob (Robbie E Impact) and Tara Strauss


Julio and Jessica Fabry


Christopher and Samantha Dean

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