How to Know Your Ring Size

Not all ring sizes are the same

When it comes to rings, it’s known that sizing varies person-to-person. But sizing also varies ring-to-ring, which is why you’re probably wondering how to know your ring size. Depending on the material of the ring, your size may differ from a traditional metal ring to a rubber wedding band.


Get to know your ring size

A ring size chart allows you to measure your ring size straight from your home (or wherever you are), so you save a trip to the jeweler. You also save time by not having to order a wrong size first, then later having to return it to exchange for the right ring size.

SafeRingz Ring Size Chart

We at SafeRingz wanted to take the best ways of measuring rings out there and create a one-stop-shop Ring Size Chart Toolkit. When you download our FREE ring size chart, your ring size questions will be answered and it will help make ring shopping foolproof.

Download our ring size chart

When your ring size changes, how do you know which size is best?

Your ring size isn’t always consistent. Sometimes, it changes due to weather, pregnancy, irritations, etc. One of the best things about SafeRingz is that our rubber wedding bands are affordable, which means you can buy them in bulk or purchase one again when your ring breaks or simply doesn’t fit at the moment.