5 Ways a Rubber Wedding Band Keeps You Safe

A rubber wedding band keeps you safe when you’re hard at work, working out, and even when you’re simply going through your day-to-day life.

We use our hands for pretty much everything, and traditional wedding rings aren’t always comfortable or safe. Here are 5 ways a rubber wedding band, specifically SafeRingz, keeps you safe:

1. Built to Break

First and foremost, rubber wedding bands should be built to break, and rings from SafeRingz are built to break. This means your finger can easily avoid dangerous and risky situations. If your ring were to get caught in something, your traditional metal wedding ring would get stuck and could seriously damage your finger. Degloving or ring avulsion is a likely outcome of this. Learn more about degloving here.

2. Non-conductive


Having a ring that is non-conductive is important for electricians, linemen and mechanics. It is dangerous to wear a traditional metal ring at these jobs, which is why it isn’t typically allowed. Metal rings are very low in resistance, and they can carry huge currents, even at low voltages. With a non-conductive, rubber wedding band, these professions can honor their commitments while on the job.

3. Hypo-allergenic

Many people experience irritation from their rings, but with a rubber wedding band, they don’t cause irritations or allergic reactions. This not only keeps you safe, but it creates a sense of comfortability in your day-to-day wear.

4. Heat Resistant

Rubber wedding bands are the perfect solution for firefighters and welders because these rings are heat resistant. Metal rings are hazardous to these jobs because they attract the heat in these environments, whereas rubber wedding bands are not affected the same way.

5. Biocompatible

This goes hand-in-hand with being hypo-allergenic. These rubber wedding bands are made to be worn comfortably and safely by you. They’re perfect for parents or people who work with infants and children because they do not irritate the skin and never leave a scratch.

Rubber wedding bands keep you safe, and these are only 5 of the many ways it can. Be safe when you choose to wear a rubber wedding band. SafeRingz now offers a wide selection of colors to fit your needs and lifestyle.