How to Measure Ring Size

Accuracy meets convenience

Measuring your ring size can be a hassle. You have to make time and find a local jeweler just to find your ring size. An online ring size chart is ideal because it’s accurate with the provider’s sizing and it’s convenient by allowing you to measure straight from your home.


SafeRingz Ring Size Chart

Our goal was to create a one-stop-shop Ring Size Chart Toolkit because we at SafeRingz want to take the best ways of measuring rings out there. Your ring size questions will be answered when you download our FREE ring size chart. It will help make ring shopping foolproof. 

Download our ring size chart

When your ring size changes, how do you know which size is best?

Your ring size isn’t always consistent. Summer is around the corner and the time of the year can affect your ring size. People's fingers tend to swell more during the hotter season, so it's important to always know your current measurement. Your size also changes due to pregnancy, irritations, etc. One of the best things about SafeRingz is that our rubber wedding bands are affordable, which means you can buy them in bulk or purchase one again when your ring breaks or simply doesn’t fit at the moment.